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Material: Lecco sandals are made with a wide elastic band produced in Italy especially for the shoe industry. The insole is of leather.
Color: Beige
Fit: Note that the shoe length size is accurate. So if you usually have problems of shoe length we recommend ordering one size larger. Remember: the width of the shoe is not a factor because of the elastic band.

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Yes, yes, you are not dreaming. This is the refreshing twin of the Lucca sandal from last summer.

This new model comes with a soft leather-covered insole that you won’t want to take off all summer!

The elastic will hold your foot as long as you wear it. It won’t lose its stretch and its natural color works whenever and wherever you want to go.

These sandals fit all types of feet. The elastic is especially narrow but it fits itself to your foot, and that makes it ideal for you!

In a world where everything changes so fast, we believe you need a pair of timeless sandals that will stay with you almost forever.


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